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Before & After Transformations

Hover your mouse over the pictures from left to right to see how dramatically a space can be changed!

Total garden bed revamp

After stripping  the bed of the weeds and vines, all that was left was dirt. Now it is a thriving seasonal garden packed with pollinator flowers that the bees can’t get enough of!

What a little definition and fresh planting will do

This shade garden had some pretty  plants to start, but seriously lacked defined edges and life. Now, it is a vivacious and bright seasonal bed that is the jewel of the street!

Shade Garden  Before

Cut out the boring

This back patio was transformed from a couple of shrubs into a beautiful and lush garden with just a few short visits

Small space? No problem

You don’t need to have a full yard to reap the benefits of a beautiful garden design.  Watch this small plot of land POP after some TLC

Old Garden Refreshed Garden

Bright and fresh

There’s nothing quite like the first bloom of spring. Just look how this garden installation made  this client’s home shine

Tulip field

Okay, this is a client’s front yard. But it looks like an entire field of tulips. Have a favorite flower that you just can’t get enough of? Why not experience a season surrounded by them?

Creativity is our strong suit

No matter what the size or shape  of a space, we love thinking up creative solutions and beautiful visuals.

A total garden re-design

A series of changes to one client's home so dramatic that it deserved it's own spotlight!

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