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Design & Planting

Whether you have a sprawling plot of land or a small city front yard, we have done it all. There is nothing HSB loves more than taking an open space of land and turning it into a stunning work of art that not only feeds into our ecosystem, but feeds also the eyes!

We can work with your budget, soil, space, and schedule needs.

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Pretty garden design

Seasonal Planters

planter (noun) : a container in which ornamental plants are grown
If you have a container that holds soil that you’d love to see a beautiful design in, we love to work with out-of-the-box designs! Of course, we can also bring the planters to you.
Whatever season it may be, you can trust that our team of planter specialists will bring you fresh, striking, colorful designs right to your door.
Ask about our seasonal subscription plans!
Beautiful summer planters


We love to build! Sometimes, nothing chisels out a design more than a cleanly carved out space.  At HSB, we specialize in:

  • Building raised garden beds
  • Stone beds/walls
  • Design masonry
  • Building entire garden setups from the ground up
  • Irrigation systems
  • Frog ponds
Circular hardscaping yard patio

Care & Maintenance

We understand that garden maintenance can be incredibly time consuming, tiring, and difficult without the right tools & expertise.

After an install or seasonal refresh, you can always call on us to maintain your beautiful new garden or planters.

Already have a garden you have put your time, love and hard work into, but no longer have the time or energy to keep up with it? We will handle your plants and designs with care and help you maintain what you have created.


Gloves in a wheelbarrow full of mulch

Holiday Decorating

No matter what holiday you celebrate, HSB would love to help you set up your home or business in a way that reflects your inner cheer.

From garlands to winterberries, twinkling lights to wreaths, we love intermixing natural decorations with dazzling accents.

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Bright holiday lights around windowsill

Shrub & Tree Planting

Oh, the versatile shrub. Some are short, some  are tall, some are green, some flower, some are beautiful additions to any yard, and some are perfect for adding a little privacy to a home.

At HSB, we offer:

  • Shrub removal
  • Shrub, tree, and bush planting
  • Tree and shrub trimming/shaping
  • Privacy shrub walls

During the spring, summer, and fall months, we also volunteer with Pennypack Ecological Trust in their effort to reforest the area. If you are interested in volunteering with us, get more information here.

A line of Arborvitea


All of our gardens are unique and custom-designed by Heather,  following your budget, request, and spacial needs.

To aid in the design process and to assist our clients in visualizing the design before it is implemented, we do custom illustrations and master plans so that the only surprise they receive is how stunning their gardens look when we're finished.

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